The Western Dakota Tech Foundation offers over 30 individual scholarships! Some are one award, but some are multiple awards, up to 70. See details here. The WDT Foundation Scholarships application opens twice a year.


Summer/Fall: January 1 - March 31.

Spring: August 1 - October 31.

The Fall 2024-2025 WDT Foundation Scholarship Application ended on March 31, 2024. 


The Foundation Scholarship application is a universal application that automatically applies each student to every WDT Foundation Scholarship they are eligible for during the application term. It means that students may be awarded for more than one scholarship. The WDT Foundation awards over $500,000 annually in scholarships. 

*Build Dakota Scholarship requires a separate application* 

Available WDT Foundation Scholarships

What are the eligibility requirements of WDT Foundation Scholarships?

WDT Foundation Scholarship Eligibility Requirements (PDF with a scholarship application link)
  • All degree-seeking students, including incoming students & international students, are eligible to apply for WDT Foundation Scholarships.

Thank You Letter - Foundation Scholarships

Thank You Template for Students (Word document)  

  • Each WDT Foundation Scholarship requires a thank you letter within two weeks of receiving an award notification email. 
    • A thank you letter must be received before the scholarship fund can be applied to your student account. Send it to WDTScholarship@wdt.eduDon't let "not writing a thank you letter" be a reason your foundation scholarship(s) is revoked and re-awarded to the next person!
    • Tips on how to write a scholarship thank you letter by MyScholly website.