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The 2024-2025 Build Dakota Scholarship Application is now available until March 31, 2024*. 


More information, please visit WDTC Build Dakota Scholarship FAQs.

*Apply during this application cycle if you plan to attend WDTC in August 2024 or January 2025. 

What does Build Dakota cover?

A full-ride scholarship covers*:

  • Tuition & fees
  • Textbooks
  • Tools/equipment
  • Laptop
  • Uniforms/scrubs
  • Other required expenses by the program
  • *Build Dakota Scholarship does not pay for pre-nursing classes required for acceptance into either the LPN or RN programs. If you need to complete general education credits during the fall semester for the LPN or RN Program, you must contact the Scholarship Office. You will receive a "tentative" award, based on securing a seat into either program for the upcoming spring semester.


Build Dakota Eligible Programs

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Build Dakota Graduates

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