The Western Dakota Tech Foundation offers over 30 individual scholarships! Some are one award, but some are multiple awards, up to 70. See details here. The WDT Foundation Scholarships application opens twice a year.


Summer/Fall: January 1 - March 31.

Spring: August 1 - October 31.

The Fall 2024-2025 WDT Foundation Scholarship Application ended on March 31, 2024. 


The Foundation Scholarship application is a universal application that automatically applies each student to every WDT Foundation Scholarship they are eligible for during the application term. It means that students may be awarded for more than one scholarship. The WDT Foundation awards over $500,000 annually in scholarships. 

*Build Dakota Scholarship requires a separate application* 

Available WDT Foundation Scholarships

What are the eligibility requirements of WDT Foundation Scholarships?

WDT Foundation Scholarship Eligibility Requirements (PDF with a scholarship application link)
  • All degree-seeking students, including incoming students & international students, are eligible to apply for WDT Foundation Scholarships.

Thank You Letter - Foundation Scholarships

Thank You Template for Students (Word document)  

  • Each WDT Foundation Scholarship requires a thank you letter within two weeks of receiving an award notification email. 
    • A thank you letter must be received before the scholarship fund can be applied to your student account. Send it to WDTScholarship@wdt.eduDon't let "not writing a thank you letter" be a reason your foundation scholarship(s) is revoked and re-awarded to the next person!
    • Tips on how to write a scholarship thank you letter by MyScholly website. 


Build Dakota Logo


The 2024-2025 Build Dakota Scholarship Application has ended on March 31, 2024. 

The 2025-2026 scholarship application will open on January 1, 2025*.


More information, please visit WDTC Build Dakota Scholarship FAQs.

*Apply during this application cycle if you plan to attend WDTC in August 2025 or January 2026. 

What does Build Dakota cover?

A full-ride scholarship covers*:

  • Tuition & fees
  • Textbooks
  • Tools/equipment
  • Laptop
  • Uniforms/scrubs
  • Other required expenses by the program
  • *Build Dakota Scholarship does not pay for pre-nursing classes required for acceptance into either the LPN or RN programs. If you need to complete general education credits during the fall semester for the LPN or RN Program, you must contact the Scholarship Office. You will receive a "tentative" award, based on securing a seat into either program for the upcoming spring semester.


Build Dakota Eligible Programs

What are the eligibility requirements of the Build Dakota Scholarship?

Applicants must be:

  • Be a US Citizen, US National, or US permanent resident.
  • Be of any age and from any state.
  • Have any GPA.
    • There is no minimum GPA requirement to apply for this scholarship.
    • However, GPA is considered in the scholarship selection process.
  • Commit to stay in South Dakota at least three years, following graduation.
  • Apply for a Build Dakota approved program at Western Dakota Technical College.
  • Apply for a FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    • Please note that individuals do not need to accept Federal Aid to be eligible. The must only apply for the FAFSA.
      • Eligible scholarship applicants may apply the FAFSA after the scholarship application closed. But they must submit the FAFSA application by June.
    • Please note that income level does not factor in Build Dakota Scholarship selection.

What are the Build Dakota Scholarship commitments?

Build Dakota Graduates

What happens now that you have graduated?

Important Dates

March 31, 2024

Last Day to apply for Scholarship Applications for the Fall 2024 WDT Foundation Scholarships and the 2024-2025 Build Dakota Scholarship.


August 1, 2024

Spring 2024-2025 WDT Foundation Scholarship Application open!


October 31, 2024

Last Day to apply for Spring 2024-2025 WDT Foundation Scholarships!


December 1, 2024

The Spring 2024-2025 WDT Foundation Scholarship Award Notification Email will be sent to all applicants.

Application Resources


Scholarship Application and Essay Tips (PowerPoint) 

Scholarship Essay Tips (pdf)


Resources and Tools from the WDTC Library

Other Resources and Tools


3rd Party Scholarships


Western Dakota Tech Foundation maintains a listing of scholarship opportunities that are available from outside agencies and organizations. Before you begin your scholarship search, we recommend you review information about How to Avoid Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams | Consumer Advice ( We encourage you to review the list to see more scholarships that may be available to you. 

3rd Party Scholarships Listing* (Click the highlighted to download Excel document) - Updated 03/18/2024. We are sorry that we are unable to upload the most recently updated (06/04) listing. We are working on resolving this issue. Please email if you want the new list. 

  • *Western Dakota Tech Foundation does not determine the 3rd party scholarship terms, conditions, and recipients. For more information and how to apply for each scholarship, follow their URL. Please carefully read the eligibility, terms, and conditions of each scholarship. Some third-party scholarships have their scholarship application as a PDF file in the listing. You may need to download the listing (Excel document) to view those applications. 

Additional Scholarship Research Resources

Assistant Director of Scholarships

Andrew Kapelewski


Call: 605-718-3061


Scholarship Outreach Specialist

Chutima Supboon


Call: 605-718-3064



Typically, available on Monday - Friday from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm* (MT), except for holidays & college in-service days. 

*Day & time may change due to the scholarship outreach travel calendar.